Mahogany Furniture

If you are considering making a major purchase of furniture then it pays to carefully consider the type of wood from which it is made. I strongly recommend you consider buying a piece made from mahogany. This is a hard wood which has a very beautiful dark reddish color and which has the major attribute of being able to polished to a very high finish. It is easily turned and carved and therefore it is a strong favorite with skilled cabinet makers who view its ability to be easily worked and its durability as huge advantages which appear contradictory. This durability can be seen in the fact that it is the wood of choice for many boat builders.

Image result for Mahogany FurnitureWhen choosing mahogany furniture, it is important to look out for some important features. For example, drawers should always contain dovetail joints which complement the natural strength of the wood and they should also be completely made from mahogany. Poorer quality items of furniture often contain drawers which contain plywood and these items tend not to last anywhere near as long as items made entirely from mahogany. Never compromise when buying this exceptional wood.

Mahogany, like no other wood, allows the skills of the skilled craftsmen to shine. Fixtures and fittings must be of the highest quality to ensure they complement this most beautiful of woods. The best pieces are finished with at least six coats of polish and they should be waxed three or four times a year to ensure they retain the high sheen and amazing color of natural mahogany.

One thing to look out for when buying mahogany furniture is to ensure that it is genuine mahogany since many other woods are stained and polished to look like it. If it is marked as Philippine mahogany then it is not real mahogany but a wood known as Luaun which is harvested from a plant family rather than mahogany trees. The wood is also overharvested and there is substantial illegal logging in some parts of the world.

These factors make furniture made from solid mahogany very expensive and it’s often worthwhile considering buying used items. Since the wood is extremely durable it is often difficult to tell a piece is used and a piece that has been looked after lovingly for a number of years can often take on deep rich color which is impossible to replicate in a younger item.

Image result for Mahogany FurnitureA tip to find some amazing pieces of mahogany furniture is to look out for classified ads which are selling off whole estates, particularly from wealthy families. Mahogany is a favorite choice due to its quality and simplicity and it’s possible to pick up a number of related pieces from a single sale which are often of amazing age and quality. Don’t be afraid to make an offer in such circumstances since the owners often just want to clear the estate and therefore will accept an offer that is cheaper than buying a new item and paying to have it delivered.