Leather Furniture

Image result for leather furnitureWant to add a touch of class to just about any room in your home? Consider using classic leather furniture to bring some style and substance into your home. Leather furniture is available in a variety of styles and pieces. Although most people immediately assume that leather is too expensive or out of reach, it can be surprisingly affordable when you know what to look for and where to shop.

It’s Not Always About the Couch

One piece of classic leather furniture that immediately jumps to mind is the leather couch. And this is often one of the most expensive items, and may immediately turn off most buyers because it presents such an affordability barrier. But remember that you can get the sophistication and feel of leather in your room without having to spring for the big ticket items. One clever approach is to re-upholster cushions on table chairs or bar stools with leather. This gives you the look and feel of leather without the huge cost of a major piece of furniture. Another approach would be to add leather pillows to an existing couch.

The Appeal of a Leather Chair

One full leather item you might want to go for is the classic leather chair. Whether you’ll looking for a traditional high-back chair or a more modern version, there are hundreds to choose from. The great thing about leather chairs is that they can go in almost any room. They’re of course most at home in a traditional office, study or living room setting, but they can fit easily into many bedrooms, finished basements, or media/family rooms as well. And let’s face it: they’re incredibly comfortable. Once you sit down in a cozy leather chair with a book and a warm blanket, you might never leave!

Try to Purchase in Sets

Because of the high cost of leather furniture, it can be tempting to try and buy all of the pieces one at a time, as you think you can afford them. And while this approach seems like a good idea, it’s fraught with peril and there are a number of downsides. The first is that it’s generally more expensive in the long run to purchase leather furniture piece by piece. Another key reason is that leather furniture varies greatly from item to item and if you purchase all of your pieces separately, there’s a greater chance of having serious inconsistencies in quality and appearance.

Image result for leather furnitureConsider the Color

When most people think of leather, they immediately jump to the classic brown or black options, and these are the most popular choices for a reason. They’re versatile and can go with just about any pre-existing room design, whether traditional or contemporary. But there are significantly more color options for leather than most people realize, and it can pay to do a little research into what’s out there. Using white or a cream color can add some class and sophistication to just about any room. Red is also a popular color, but it is more susceptible to staining.

Go for the Grade

When shopping for leather furniture, it’s very important to consider the grade of the leather on the furniture you’re buying. You almost always want to purchase full grain leather, which has a very natural appearance. Also keep an eye out for top grain leather. This designation means that the leather is all cut from a single source, which of course means that there will be greater consistency of appearance throughout.