Solid pine bedroom furniture is an attractive and economical choice for your home. It is available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Far less expensive than many other woods, it can be just as lovely.

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Pine is often used for rustic and lodge style furniture. Some of these pieces are very large, adding instant drama to your room from their sheer size. Styles, even within these categories, vary a great deal. Some of it has a rough, primitive look that creates a warm, country feel, while some is smoothly finished. Most bedroom furniture in these lines features a darker stain than in some other types.

Most unfinished furniture stores specialize in pine furniture. By purchasing it unfinished, or nude, you can choose precisely the stain you want. You can also opt for paint to make the pieces uniquely yours, or let the beauty of the wood shine through by choosing varnish only. For a small additional fee, most of these stores will stain or paint your items, or you can do it all yourself.